West Ost West Consulting, Marina Ipatova-Arendt

Consulting services for business relationships with companies from CIS states

Sales, We conduct successful sales projects with our customers for more than 10 years.
  • Identifying potential customers,
  • Establishing and maintaining contact,
  • Preparation of offers,
  • Customer visits,
  • Negotiation monitoring,
  • Order tracking,
  • Operation monitoring,
  • Receivables management

Product certification, Prerequisite for successful sales to the CIS countries is the certification of your products and processes in accordance with relevant regulations.

We carry these out for you in cooperation with a leading, reliable Russian Agency.

Trade show display, Likewise indispensable for your success in the CIS countries is participation in all relevant trade shows.

Together with our customers we select suitable events:
  • Preparation of attendance,
  • Monitoring the trade show on site,
  • Processing of inquiries ensuring effective, timely follow up,
  • Active support with fulfilling the customers request.

Company formation, Following the successful establishment of your products in the target market, regularly the formation of a local subsidiary is considered.

We already conducted several successful subsidiary foundings.
  • Choice of location,
  • Real estate scouting and evaluation,
  • Talent search and evaluation,
  • Setting up the facilities,
  • Identification and implementation of relevant legal regulations.

Interim management. During the anticipated project development we are of course available as local interim managers.

Corresponding references will be happily supplied.

Marina Ipatova-Arendt Born 1972, married and mother of two, Marina Ipatova-Arendt is the soul of West Ost West Consulting.

A native Russian, she studied economic engineering in metallurgy at the Academy for Non Ferrous Metals and Gold at Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, she commands enduring connections in science, industry and politics.

Following her diploma and positions with KRAZ (now RUSAL) and RAOEES she went to Germany to expand her portfolio.

Jobs with KPMG and RWTH Aachen (where she presently prepares her German Ph.D.) round off her profile.

Since 1999 she is self employed entrepreneur and successfully serving major German as well as Russian enterprises as consultant and interim-manager.

In der Schlagwiese 11, DE-56428 Dernbach (Westerwald)
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